Caen (2007)
Caen (2007)

1 – WORK IN GROUP, putting forward inventiveness, improvisation, listening, and group play, through pleasant works at every level, from young to avanced flutists. Pieces are composed for flute choir or flutes and other  instruments (guitar, cello, bass, percussion, piano...)

2 - INDIVIDUAL FLUTE LESSON in masterclass : The lesson taught as individual, apply to all participants. Some exercices will be praticed by all. Free repertoire.

3 - CONCERT, the programme of which is determined with the pedagogic team of the place, including group and individual pieces worked during the master class.


Other possibilities :


PentaGônes concert at the beginning of the session, helps pupils and students to enter directly in the heart of the matter. It dynamizes the learning and boosts the desire of the well achievement of the project. One or two pieces performed by the group will be studied and performed too by the students at the end of the session. Performed at the end of the session, PentaGônes's concert can be combined with students's concert, and bring a longer terme perspective in their learning.


  • All others possibilties available, depending of the orientation of the project.

Rue Traversière 1/Le petit train du Brésil - Arcachon 2011

The Flute Way 1/The Little Brazilian Train - Arcachon 2011