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Temps variable / Unsettled weather (1986)
Flutes. All levels from second year. Meteorological fantasia for initiation into contemporary vocabulary and sounds: breath, pizz., flatt., etc. Unlimited number of performers, for 6 flutes and more. 7’. (NT08711Z)

Le canon de la baronne / The baroness canon (1987)
Flutes. 4th to 5th year. Traditional canon treated variously, incl. pizz., breath, flatt. and tongue ram as part of a musical phrase of the ‘classical’ type. 12 instrumentalists and more. 3’ (NT04241Z)

 La volière du Puy / Aviaries (1994)
Flutes. All levels from a few months. Easy piece for collective improvisation. Traditional vocabulary with a few extended techniques. Written as short sequences that can be memorised. From 4 to 20 instruments using mouthpieces only. Better if piccolo, alto, bass flutes are added. 7’ (NT04231Z)

 Le serpent à sons… nets /Rattlesnake
( with Jean-Michel Cayre) (1991/1999) Flutes, 8th to 10th year. Three movements for exploring different elements:
1/ The Desert: modelled improvisations, all in delicate sounds: breath or pizz.
2/ The Snake: curves, trills with 2 sounds and chromatics.
3/ The Dance: traditional notation, Mexican inspiration, mix of 6/8 and 3/4 - Intermediate/advanced level. 10 instruments: 2 piccolos, 6 flutes, alto flute,
bass flute. 11’(NT04200Y)

Cholita / Cholita (1998)
From 5th year. Arrangement of a Bolivian song. Central section with ‘Pan pipes’ sounds (breath and sound). 4 flute parts, bass part, guitar(s) and 3 percussion. 4’30 (NT20430Y)

De concert / In concert (1998)
A convivial piece intended to unite all the players in a concert: musician and audience. The audience does not know it will participate using hand claps etc. and that it will therefore be playing ‘in concert’ with the musicians. All possible instruments. From 6th year. 5 melodic parts, 2 percussion parts, 1 bass part, 1 conductor able – without speaking – to invite the audience to play. 6’ (NT09910Y)


Marine / Seascape (2009)
For flute orchestra from second year. From piccolo to contrabass flute. In two movements, contemporary and classical vocabulary. 9’ (Contact S.Dufeutrelle)


L'Ombre du Blanc / Shadow of White

Arrangement for flute choir or 6 flutes (from piccolo to contrabass) of the original piece for flute and vibraphone, commissioned for the 1rst international competition at Nice/Maxence Larrieu. See 'Various". 5’30

(Contact S. Dufeutrelle)



Asia / Asia (2002)
Solo flute. Short piece of oriental inspiration. 4th to 5th year. Traditional and contemporary vocabulary. (This piece can also be found in the album Au Fil Du Vent 1.).  3' (NT20940Z)

COULEUR NEIGE Snow Color (2002)
Solo flute. Contemporary piece in which voice and flute sound are mixed, thus creating a landscape under the snow. Intermediate/Advanced level. (This piece can also be found in the album Au Fil du Vent 2.) 4' (NT20930Z)


Vagues vagues / Waves (1996)
Solo alto flute. Advanced level. A landscape by the sea.  Classical and contemporary vocabulary. 10’ (NT04211Z)



L’Ombre du blanc / Shadow of white (2007)
Flûte and vibraphone (1 cymbale, 1 temple block)
Commissioned for the first international competition at Nice/Maxence Larrieu – Advenced level.

Available for flute choir and for 6 flutes (from piccolo to contrabass).

 5’30 (Contact S.Dufeutrelle)

Drôles d’oiseaux / Funny Birds  (2008)
Soprano, piano, 2 flutes, 1 alto flute, 1 bass flute, piano and harpshicorp ad libitum. Commmissioned by Philippe BERNOLD for the ‘Festival des Forêts/ Compiègne’ – France -(july 2008). Traditional and contemporary vocabulary. Advanced level. 7’ (Contact S.Dufeutrelle)


Reflets / Reflections (1991)
3rd to 4th year. For flute and vibraphone or piano. Classical and contemporary vocabulary (double trill, breath). 1’ (NT09421Y)



Rue Traversière 1, en concert dès 2 notes!
The Flute Way 1, In Concert with 2 Notes (2003)
With Brigitte LE BORGNE                   
18 pieces for flute and piano, from mouthpiece to more 2 octaves, ten having easy piano accompaniment  and based on melodies with repeats at the higher or lower octave. For 1st and  2nd year of practice. CD accompaniment. (LEDUC08047)
‘Striding down The Flute Way , Sophie Dufeutrelle has once again taken a side-street; this exceptional, outstanding pedagogue has put - as she always does - musical pleasure at the forefront.
Her approach, in collaboration with Brigitte Le Borgne, enables the budding flautist actually to play music within the first hour of a lesson,even though he or she is just blowing into the mouthpiece, and this is asrevolutionary as it is exhilarating, since it does away once and for all with the sometimes austere approach of conventional musical practice!
Congratulations to Sophie and Brigitte, and much joy to everyone.’
Philippe BERNOLD
Soloist, Professor at the Lyons Superior Conservatory (CNSM)

‘Sophie Dufeutrelle has always taken a right turn when all around herare turning left! I have always found this both charming and stimulating. This constant search for new ideas and her challenge to the traditional ways of learning have resulted in a new concept in beginner’s books: TheFlute Way. I warmly wish the success that it certainly deserves.’
Trevor WYE
Soliost, Professor at the Guildhall School of Music, London and  at the Royal Northern College of Music in Manchester.
Founder of  the British Flute Society.


Rue Traversière 2 / The Flute Way 2,

double and triple tonguing :

technic through the repertoire.

 Preface : Philippe BERNOLD


Short focused studies and large excerpts of the flute repertoire.
In duo and trio.
Intermediate level.


Rue Traversière 3 / The Flute Way 3,

new keys for Taffanel and Gaubert

and other proposals.

Preface : Juliette HUREL


"Rue Traversiere 3" is a "toolbox" for flutists of today who continue to work this essential book. The proposals around "17 Daily Exercises of Mechanism" concern tone, breathing, phrasing, tonguing, and of course, mechanism!



10 ans avec la flûte / 10 years with the flute (2002)
With Philippe Bernold and Annie Ploquin. Repertoire book for teachers, presented as 10 years of study, from beginners to advanced level (in French).

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